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Views From The Studio: Meet Producer WLPWR

Updated: Dec 19, 2022

Beatsmith WLPWR was bound for a successful career. Just see his first name. Born Will Washington in Columbia, SC, WLPWR (WillPower) grabbed his stage name from a friend before making his mark on the music industry.

“I wanted to achieve something with [producing] and once that happened I wanted to achieve more,” WLPWR said in a phone interview with VIBE. “Once you find passion in something and it’s that thing that you can’t stop thinking about, you just got to keep doing it.”

Establishing his production company SupaHotBeats, WLPWR also became Yelawolf’s go-to instrumentalist for the critically-acclaimed mixtape Trunk Muzik and his album Love Story. Before the Young Thugs and Rae Sremmurds of the world popped up, WLPWR’s forte was Southern sounds, eventually lending his services to other artists including Big K.R.I.T., Wiz Khalifa, Eminem, and more. Read more here >>>

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