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Interview: WLPWR Talks Working With Yelawolf and Why ‘Love Story’ Is Better Than ‘Radioactive’

Updated: Dec 19, 2022

Yelawolf’s Love Story is a long time coming. After Yela’s initial announcement of his sophomore album in 2012, he was sidelined for a few weeks due to a ruptured spleen after a stage-diving accident at a concert in Madison, Wis. He used the lengthy amount of time during his recovery to focus on crafting Love Story, combining his interests of rap, rock, and country into a sound that’s become recognizably his. He’s publicly announced his dissatisfaction with his Shady Records debut, Radioactive, promising fans that this time around he’s going back to his Southern roots to make up for the lackluster effort. So far, he’s stayed on track with “Till It’s Gone”—a melodic number that features Yela’s patented rapid-fire delivery and premiered on Sons of Anarchy. Love Story does sound like an album that’s going to change things for Yelawolf and will finally see him deliver on his potential.

Behind every rapper is a go-to producer he or she can count on, and for Yelawolf, that person is WLPWR. While the two don’t claim to be a producer-rapper duo, they certainly have years of experience working together. WLPWR, whose real name is William Washington, met Yelawolf in 2001 when the two were in New York recording at the now-defunct Sugar Hill studio. Since Yela is from Alabama and WLPWR is from South Carolina, the two instantly bonded over their Southern connection. The producer is responsible for Yela’s 2010 breakout mixtape, Trunk Muzik, and has worked with him on a sizable amount of songs in Yela’s catalog ever since. “We really got a cold ass chemistry,” says WLPWR. “Every time we set a goal, it’s a challenge for me. And so far, just about every project, I met the challenge.” Read more here >>>

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