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With over 15 years of experience as a professional music producer for multi-platinum artists such as Wiz Khalifa, Big K.R.I.T, Yelawolf, Eminem, Tech N9ne , & so many more

WLPWR is now offering exclusive 1 on 1 video chat consulting sessions with him to aspiring producers.

Many questions still go un-answered when dealing with a career in Music Production. Are my beats “industry” ready? Am I formatting my tracks correctly? Do they sound professional enough, sonically? Who do I send my beats to, and how can I find these people? What exactly is publishing, and what am I entitled to?  With your 1 on 1 online consulting service, you can do everything and anything you need to do. Play certain beats and receive constructive and helpful criticism/tips. Ask those questions you’ve always seeked answers to. WLPWR hopes to help answer these questions for you, and help you overcome that “aspiring-producer-road-block” that we ALL eventually come face to face with.

Important bullet-points to cover with WLPWR:

* Quality of tracks

* Etiquette & the difference between a “beat-maker” and “producer”

* The power of people-skills

* The business of “planting seeds” & growing your own personal infrastructure

* Creating art from the subconcious mind, and what that means

* The business of music production

* How to create & take advantage of different revenue streams

Every aspiring producer and musician has their own story. Every situation and scenario is unique.


How long is each consultation?

Each session is 60 Minutes. Depending on your own personal career growth desires & budget, you can apply for as many 60 Minute consultations as you desire. The more consultations, over time, the more beneficial.It is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED that you consider enrolling in more than 1 “60 minute” consultation. It’s like learning how to master an instrument, and only doing it for one day.

How much does it cost?

$150 per person for 60 Minutes. chats can include up to 25 people per session.

Why $150?

Typically, this is the amount of money you would pay, per hour, at a high end recording studio. While these high end recording studios are great places to be, they are still generally not effective in terms of cultivating valuable relationships, learning and advancing your craft. Not to mention that most “audio/music schools” cost significantly more. Additionally, it’s very close to the cost of piano or guitar lessons (per hour). The concept is similar.

How and where are consultations held? In person? On video chat?

Consultations are generally done via Zoom Video chat, pre-scheduled in advance. After you purchase your time slot, we will contact you within 24 hours on how to proceed.

What are some things I can do before my consultation, to make sure I utilize my 60 Minutes in the most effective way?

Be prepared with music to play. Create a list of questions you’ve always searched the answers to. There really are no limits, and there are no right or wrong questions. It’s the rare opportunity to truly connect and learn from someone who has valuable insight. They can be technical, general, or both.

How do I get started!?

Choose your time slot. Monday – Thursday11am-3pm EST. and complete your purchase. Within 24 hours, we will contact you with details on your consultation!


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